QuantQollect is a plug and play tool to build up a Collections scorecard

With a Collections score you will be able to differentiate your workflows and anticipate on credit risk.

You just upload a file in a default format, run the software and download the results.

After scoring the file, you will receive a score between 1 and 7 per customer. Number 1 indicates high risk, figure 7 is very low risk. These scores form the beginning of a differentiated layout of your workflows. In the document you can read how you can apply this. Of course we can support you in the design and application of this process.

QuantQredit makes it possible to solve complex Credit Management modeling challenges

Quantforce’s QuantQredit software package, is a full-fledged predictive model development tool, allowing the user to generate a predictive modeling scorecard using the scoring methodology. The underlying philosophy of its development, has been to provide the data scientist with an easy-to-use model development interface, whereby transparency and control of the data analysis and the model development process have been key cornerstones. READ MORE….


QuantLimit is a specific developed scoring software product, which will enable you to monitor your portfolio risk in relation to the risk appetite of your organisation.Your data is being segmented in risk based categories. Within these categories QuantLimit is able to deliver you calculations which provide you with the right credit risk strategies and limits per customer to improve your business model. This dynamic software can be used in combination with external data sources.The agreement for usage of the software will apply for a term of one year, starting at the date of invoicing. The term of the agreement shall be extended automatically by the term of the original period each time.


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