QuantDisqovery is a SaaS Tool for feature engineering for predictive or explanatory modeling

QuantDisqovery is an easy to use, second level ‘feature engineering’ software for predictive or explanatory model development. It is designed to provide an effective and efficient solution to an important component in the development of machine learning models: the transformation and visual interpretation of raw predictive or explanatory variables to be used in a statistical/machine learning model. The software offers an in-built treatment of missing data, as well as for outliers.

QuantDisqovery supports the data scientists in:

– preparing their data for machine learning, and boosting model performance and explainability

– allows for visual predictive or explanatory data pattern inspection, for in-depth discussion with subject

matter experts

– can automatically detect underlying predictive/explanatory data patterns

– offers immediate treatment of missing values and outliers (no need for imputation)

– can accomodate highly non-linear data patterns

– Binary target variable

Our experience and knowledge brought us far, our passion took us to the next level.

The Quantforce team, experts in reliable Ml and AI for over 20 years, have taken this WoE one step further. Through its proprietary algorithm, the automated WoE feature engineering embedded within QuantDisqovery produces fast, insightful and logical key feature selection and transformation.Sharing your insights with domain expert colleagues has never been easier. The WoE result can easily be visually inspected, which makes your co-operation with domain experts clear and simple. Because we know from experience that sharing insights delivers the optimal ML and AI models, used in real life.


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